Our goal is to improve access, affordability and financial economics of proton therapy.



The Value of Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is a valuable modality to treat patients that can effectively eradicate cancer, reduce unnecessary radiation and improve their quality of life during and after treatment.


We cover the whole continuum of
proton therapy development

Including financing, ownership, construction and management


With over 30 years of finance experience, we have an extensive network of public and private debt and equity relationships with a long history of working in both domestic and international family offices. Regardless of the complexity, Legion Healthcare Partners delivers the structure and financing for all its projects.

Flexible On or Off-Balance Sheet Financing Solutions

  • Extensive debt and equity network resources
  • Engaged real estate partners
  • Expansive legal proton therapy experience
  • Commercially favorable terms
  • Local provider partnerships
  • Quick closing

Legion Healthcare Partners can provide a flexible ownership structure to meet the needs of any clinical partner. With time-to-market often being an issue, regardless of tax status, we have the requisite knowledge and expertise to effect the necessary ownership, commercial and legal structure in a timely manner.

Preferred Clinical Partners:

  • For profit and nonprofit
  • Academic and non-academic organizations
  • Medium to large healthcare providers
  • Large local or regional presence

Our proton beam therapy experience dates back to 2002 with the development of the fourth proton therapy center in the United States. We have long established partnerships with companies who provide real estate feasibility and acquisition, valuation and M&A services, financing and recap, REIT’s, architectural and engineering services and general contractors. All with decades of proven healthcare and proton therapy experience to ensure financial and economic modeling accuracy, market penetration, demographic optimization, on-time financing and project delivery, limited cost overruns and construction delays.

Keys for Project Management Success

  • Real estate acquisition
  • Commercial and capital lease negotiations
  • Partnership structuring
  • Proton equipment selection and scope of work
  • Medical equipment and technical specifications
  • Building and equipment interface oversight
  • Architectural and engineering negotiation, contracting and oversight
  • Contractor selection, bidding and contracting
  • Construction management
  • Project management
  • Building commissioning
  • Proton equipment installation and commissioning
  • Non-proton equipment installation and commissioning
Operations Management

With 17 years of proton therapy specific experience, our team has the most clinical, financial and operational expertise than any any other company in the proton therapy space. We successfully delivered proton treatments to over 11,000 cancer patients and the first to clinically develop and implement intensity‐modulated proton therapy (IMPT).

Proven Track Record of Successful Proton Therapy Operations Experience

  • Advisory board and governing board formation
  • Fiduciary responsibilities
  • Professional service agreements
  • Marketing strategy deployment and patient acquisition strategies
  • Regional, national and international business development
  • Day-to-day clinical, facility, and financial operations and oversight
  • Health policy and insurance company contract negotiation expertise
  • Proven, data driven prior authorization strategies
  • Clinical training and education program development and administration
  • Front-end to back-end revenue cycle optimization
  • Service and maintenance organization oversight
    • Preventive and corrective maintenance
    • Inventory management
    • Quality management systems
Accredited Training and Education

A gap has been identified in the educational and training opportunities for professionals desiring to work in the proton beam therapy market. Institutions (domestic and international) currently operating or entering the proton beam therapy market looking for highly qualified personnel with proton beam therapy experience now have a solution through Legion Healthcare Partners.

Legion has developed a program to provide radiation therapists, dosimetrists, medical physicists, administrators and physicians the training to be fully competent on all aspects proton beam therapy. We have developed programs to satisfy the ARRT proton therapy micro-certification requirements. We also have a n international training program to meet CON requirements.


Proton Therapy Management Services

Center Management Services
  • Total Center Management
  • Marketing and Patient Acquisition Strategies
    • Brand development
    • Paid and earned media
    • Front door operations
    • Grassroots and local activities
  • Clinical Operations and Management
    • Clinical standards
    • Workflow optimization
    • Physician buy-in
  • Financial Operations Assessment and Management
    • Billing/Coding and Compliance
    • Prior Authorization Services
    • Front-end and back-end revenue cycle
    • Patient Scheduling
  • Business Development
Prior Authorization Services

A barrier to any successful proton therapy center is the ability to get services authorization. The team at Legion has:

  • Implemented a proven, data driven structure, workflow, and strategy 
  • Reduced administrative burden for peer-to-peer and appeal letters for physicians
  • Increased indirect referrals (+29%)
  • Reduced comparative plans in clinical dosimetry (55% to 5%)
  • Increased denial overturn rate (+30%)
  • Reduced the total authorization time by almost half
  • Increase patient satisfactions (highest Press Ganey results ¾ quarters)

Contact us for more information about our proton therapy solutions, education, business intelligence and oncology consulting services.

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By definition, the word Legion means an immeasurable crowd, vast host, multitude or number of people. Our Legion takes the fight against cancer to heart.

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