Optimizing Your Prior Authorization Services

At Legion Healthcare Partners we specialize in the prior authorization process. We have developed a unique approach to the approval process. This approach will teach your organization how to adequately obtain approvals for your organization.

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We will start by reviewing your current process and documenting areas that are performing well and areas of improvement. In addition, we will review your claim denials for trends related to prior authorization. By analyzing your current data, we will establish baselines for your insurance submission process and patient service appointments, which ultimately leads to faster care.

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Rather than taking a submit and see what happens approach our team compares the clinical notes of the patient to the medical policy and benefits in an attempt to demonstrate medical necessity during the initial submission. Our team understands state and federal administrative code and what is expected of the health plan. We use that information to strategize on the best way to get to an approval. In addition, we use highly trained clinical staff, that can articulate the clinical needs of the patient during the appeal process.

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Understanding Benefits

We go beyond just understanding a patient’s co-pay balance. We focus on understanding the structure of the health plan, from self-funded to fully funded, where claims and prior authorizations are processed and what information will be needed when and if there is a problem obtaining the authorization. 

Our At-Risk Model

Legion Healthcare Partners model is that we are completely at risk for success.
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Legion uses a collaborative style that teaches your team how to huddle daily to discuss cases and can implement a workflow management system that can be transparent to your physicians and administrative staff.


Our Strategy

The strategy of Legion Healthcare Partners is to improve your prior authorization operations as quickly as possible and to capture as much additional revenue by improving documentation, prior authorization process, correct coding, ensure proper payment, and help address backend claim denials. We will also ensure that all clinical staff that drop charges are adequately trained and this person will serve as a resource if anybody has any billing and coding questions.

Our services include:

  • Intake, Referral Management, and Prior Authorization Assessment and Development Plan
  • Prior Authorization Management Services – Daily management of prior authorization activities to include strategy, staffing, operations, appeals/denials
  • Prior Authorization Assistance – Assist with staffing shortages, high volume, complex cases or any other scenario
  • Providing an Intake and Prior Authorization Workflow Management Suite

At Legion Healthcare Partners, our process stands above competitors in two areas. First, we know the top claim denial reason is “No Prior Authorization Required,” and we understand the deficiencies in obtaining prior authorizations cost organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. We employ tactics that force payors to provide an authorization and/or we provide supporting documentation for the no prior authorization required reason. Second, we don’t just take over your prior authorization process and leave you in the dark. We work with existing team members to train to our standards and can also train incoming staff. We ensure that at the end of a contract, your staff will understand how to properly process an authorization and reduce claim denials.

Our Expertise

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We know it can be difficult to visualize what these changes look like for your organization. That’s why we are offering a free consultation. We can set up a time where we look at a case you are having difficulty with and advise on best practices to help get your case overturned.

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By definition, the word Legion means an immeasurable crowd, vast host, multitude or number of people. Our Legion takes the fight against cancer to heart.

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