Access and Authorization…They’re Related!

Author: Montreal Turner

Patient access is a common topic across the continuum of care. As access to care becomes more complex, patients are relying on healthcare leaders to develop strategies to reduce wait times, improve protocols and ensure opportunities for best practice. Every year, more patients our diagnosed with cancer. It is the responsibility of healthcare systems to offer the best service, coupled with speed and accuracy to deliver proven results.

A streamlined authorization process can make a big difference in improving patient access, reducing delays and increasing profit margins. As clinical volumes increase, improving access to care and reducing wait times will be key focus areas. For patients, often getting the initial appointment is a challenge. Those frustrations are seen during the initial radiation oncology consult. It is up to oncology administration to avoid further delays in authorization.

Technology, Rising Cost and How Streamlined Authorization Can Help

There is no coincidence on why we rely so heavily on technology. As more technology has entered oncology, hospitals and providers fees have risen to offset the cost of providing excellent care. Furthermore, increased staffing and training resources are needed to safely utilize these resources. No wonder revenue is now more important than ever! Adapting a proven authorization model will instantly position your program for increased profits. There is opportunity in developing (or re-thinking) models departments use in revenue cycle management.

By developing a revenue cycle management process that focuses on front-end prior authorization, patients can access care faster and physicians can spend more time with patients. Legion Healthcare Partners has developed a radiation oncology-specific model that improves patients’ access to care.

Authorization is a Key Step in Revenue Cycle

Front-end and back-end process models are essential to the revenue cycle. Understanding both and creating models to enhance access through proven authorization workflows guarantees margin, growth and additional future resources. It is time to improve departmental resources by maximizing patient benefits upfront, understanding revenue leakage and analyzing data to improve access.


Montreal Turner

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